March 21st

Today was a gorgeous day but I spent most of it Spring cleaning. I did however take a walk through Central Park for a few hours with Charlotte. It was so nice to just walk and talk about boys and work and our high school days. Here’s what I wore today:

march twentyfirst



Since I haven’t made a post in a while, here is an update on everything that has happened since my last post .

I didn’t see “Cary Grant” until Sunday March 15th when we went to the Met. It made me even more in love with him, listening to “Cary Grant” speak about Monet and Renoir. I wanted to just tear his clothes off right in the middle of the Impressionistic Hall. Then we also met up on Thursday night and we went swingdancing which might sound like something I would never do and it is. I must say it was a lot better than I expected, but more fun afterwards. I haven’t seen him again since but it’s only Saturday and hopefully, he will agree to see a forgien film on wednesday with me.

March 17th was Saint Pattie’s day and boy, did I get waisted. The girls and I all went downtown to Battery Park City to meet up with Miranda since that’s where she works and where there’s still cobblesontes and Irish Pubs on every corner. Before I met up with them I walked down Fifth Avenue and saw the parade. Really this parade is just a parade of men in kilts, Long Island Highschool Cheerleaders, and drunks who put on an Irish accent and die their hair green just for an excuse to get drunk at one o’clock in the afternoon.

As for the rest of the week, I have been completely slacking at work, although there is nothing to really slack on. My job isn’t normally this impossibly dull. In a week or two we are having a showing so I will be busy soon with setting everything up and the RSVP. I did get to see all the girls when we weren’y all puking or hooking up with random Irishmen. Yesterday afternoon, we all got lunch and chatted about the week. Miranda is falling hopelessly in love although her Mr Right has not made any commitment yet. Charlotte is crushing on her neighbor that she ran into on her way downtown on Saint Patrick’s Day. He was coming from work on wall street, going to Saint Patrick’s Catherdal as she was going down to party although all she said was meeting a few friends. Samantha went into great detail about the sexy Irish waiter she had sex with after we all cabbed home late Tuesday night. It was an eventful lunch with a few too many details shared.

March 12th

I thought it might be fun to post what I wore today. I wore this to my gallery today and then to a business lunch with a interior designer interested in buying art for her client’s multi-million dollar apartment.

March 1

Museums and Jazz Clubs

Some of you said to give “Cary Grant” a chance. I did just that. I have seen him three of the four days this week. I’m kind of obsessing. I keep on wanting to forget about Melissa but I can’t. I hate how I’m going on dates like I’m the other women because I totally am not. And then just when I want to kiss him, I can’t. It’s just all so depressing…

On a happier note: everything else I have been doing this week. Before today, I hadn’t been to the office since last Friday because we aren’t having any shows until two weeks from now and all the long-term planning is done so there really is nothing for me to do. Instead I have been getting coffee with “Samantha” during her lunch breaks, when she can, and I had lunch with “Stanford” which was nice. I haven’t really talked about him in detail yet. He is my best guy friend that just happens to always be single when I am and is extremely attractive. That’s a bit weird to say – I agree, but I have kind of felt something for him for a while but since he is such good of a friend I could never do anything about it. Yesterday’s lunch was completely fine since I had “Cary Grant” on my mind, I didn’t even think of “Stanford” in anyway. Other than that I spent my time with “Cary Grant” going to museums and jazz clubs.

Always a Conflict

Now that I explained whose who, I can begin to tell you more about my current dilemma. So, last Friday I got out of work at around twelve. Being a exhibit designer means that I plan new exhibits, like deciding what floral arangment for the entrance, wheither to much the Ansel Adams photograph in the left wall or the right, and sometimes I also choose the guestlist to private events at our gallery. So as you can see there is not too much I can help out with, so must days end early or the night before an avent can go all-night. I get paid monthly, so really no matter how much hours I put it doesn’t matter – just the effort.

Back to my story. I get out of work around noon and my gallery’s on the Lower East Side so normally I have to walk a few blocks until I get to the subway and then make two transfers and then arrive home. Since Friday was so warm I decided to skip the subway and walk until I got to the west side and then get in a subway. While on my walk, I got a text message from “Cary Grant” saying he was in New York. I was thrilled because number one, I hadn’t seen him in months and number two, my last hook up was with some random guy at a bar and I didn’t to erase the taste of that one. I immediately texted him back asking how long he’d be here and you know what he said? For a few months! He also said to meet him at a restaurant called Ciao Bella on Saturday for dinner.

I spent my whole Saturday with “Samantha” since she was leaving for London for some movie premiere  for a whole month. She didn’t really want me to talk on and on about “Cary Grant” but I had to. It was like word vomit. If “Charlotte” was here, right now she’s staying with some friends in the South of France, she would be encouraging me to go on and on but “Sam” did not want to hear it. Anyway, after talking to her I had decided that there was no chance me and “Grant” would last since all we have right now is sex but then I saw him, as cheasy as that sounds, but the moment he pulled out the chair for me, I wanted to hail a cab back to his place. 

Instead we had an amazing conversaion. It was definitely one of the best dates I’ve ever had. We talked about movies, travel, work, and… us. He said that he has been thinking of me every day for the past few months he’s gone without seeing me. Okay you might be thinking where’s the drama and here it comes: he has a girlfriend. He said and I quote, “Since I am only here for a few months, it wouldn’t make sense for me to break up with her unless I know that what is between you and me is really going to work.” Her name’s Melissa. I already hate her.

Who is Carrie?

CARRIE: I am the author of this blog. My name is Claudia Moore and I am an exhibit designer for a gallery in New York City. I am twenty-four and have lived here in New York for my whole life. I love old movies and live for vintage. I wear dresses as much as possible and when I am not I wear short shorts or skinny jeans. I express myself through what I wear which is usually cute and fun but at the same time skanky. I love my record player, my Starbucks expresso machine, and my computer. I have a bit of a substance abuse problem which shoes and men.

CHARLOTTE: She’s my best friend. Even though we are opposites, we have still been best friends since eighth grade. She lives on the Upper east Side, I live on the Upper west side. She loves Chanel, Ralph Lauren, Micheal Kors, and Burberry and I love  Marni, Balmain, D&G, Alexander Wang, Derek Lam, and Marc Jacobs. Her type is a Wall Street guy ready for marriage and my type varies from successful rocker (no one is sleeping on my couch) to an argumenative lawyer or a spontaneous CEO, but with any guy, I do not believe marriage is in my near future. She does PR and plans parties for celebrities that if I met, would put restraining orders against me. Even though, she’s Miss Park Avenue Pollyanna, she still gets drunk like no other.

MIRANDA: Miranda is like me in alot of ways because she’s pretty easy-going and fun. She works downtown at an advertisting company and has fallen hard for her boss. So cliché – totally unlike the Miranda in Sex and the City. What my “Miranda” does have in common with the real “Miranda” is that they both speak theri mind and fight for themselves. I wouldn’t even be able to count all of the unpolitically correct things my friend has said. I can count on her for a reality check every now and then and she’s an amazing friend since she’s so honest and trustworthy and she gets us in all the fun parties she helps plan.

SAMANTHA: If you thought that my friend Charlotte was like the real Charlotte then you will be blown away (using the operative word) by the simmilarities between Samantha Jones and Samantha, my friend. The non-fictional Samantha is a movie producer’s assistant and basically is the definition of “sleeping your way to the top”. She slept with every director in town, of course only the cute ones, until she landed her current job (another operative word). She’s definitely is the most fun out of my friends and I absolteuly love meeting up with her for brunches, although she almost always shows up in a man’s dress shirt and her six inch high heels from the night before. Okay, I can’t say she isn’t a slut but her one-night stands are rare, unlike the “Sam” you all know, and most of her lovers actually are friends of her’s still.

As for the boys, like trends, they will come and go but my girls will always stay.

Some boys in my life right now I’ll call:

Two Face – This one guy who can be so hot sometimes and then other times so atrocious. I’ve only hooked up with him once but this summer we might be running into eachother a lot since his family also has a house in the Hamptons so hopefully he’ll stay cute for June and July.

Cary Grant – This guy is a editor of some major movies and I think even has been nominated for an Academy Award for Editing but that’s not what makes him amazing. He’s the type of guy that holds the door for a woman, pulls out her chair, and always pays on a date. I met him through Samantha (Ironic, I know) and I would have already been thinking of children’s names if he didn’t live in LA.

Standford – Another Sex and the City reference, their gay best friend. However my “Standford” is not gay, that I know of. He is my best guy friend but I often think of him as more that just that.

Mr. Recession-Free – This guy is one of the richest bachelors in the world and yet I still find fault with him. Actually he is my ex for now a year but things with us were pretty serious (“Charlotte” even started looking for wedding locations, but of course she does that with every guy). He lives off of his parent’s money and sometimes goes into his father’s offices to maybe read the Times and check emails. We actually broke up because of my ‘commitment issues’ but really I was only twenty-three and had only been out of college for a year, so of course I was not looking to fully comite just yet. He’s the only ex I still talk to because since he is five years older than me he kind of treats me as a younger sister – in some perverse way.

Richards – Inspired by Keith Richards, I named this next one Richards since he’s the bad boy rocker my parents would never allow me to date. He plays in a band that’s a regular at most of the clubs downtowns and I always run into him fortunately.